Hello there!

I’m a passionate product designer with a love for creating, learning, and empowering others. Since we might not have met, I set up a quick Q&A with myself to get to know me. Please connect—I’d love to meet you too!

I enjoy understanding how things are made, so I’ve designed and developed this website.

Why do you love being a product designer?

I get to build empathy for people, and help make their lives better. I can be strategic and creative as I go back and forth between the big picture and the small details. I also love helping to create something beautiful and useful.

What do you do for fun?

I love running—especially while traveling. Some highlights include: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Seine River, and the Japanese Imperial Palace. Other interests include:

  • Playing games
  • Biking, soccer, and being outdoors
  • Drawing & painting
  • Experimenting with new recipes

What books are you reading?

Sci-fi, biographies, and books telling a good story are my favorites! I also love psychology, business, and design books.