Mobile Application

Quick Facts

Role: UX designer, Marketing lead

My Tasks: Conceptual design, wireframing, style guide, presentation decks

Timeframe: 8 weeks

Team: 2 designers, 1 developer, 1 researcher


We set out to design and plan a new business idea for a class client and discover its financial viability. The idea to validate: What is the value of a service that helps airport travelers conveniently search and order the food they really want?


Validated customer interest and demonstrated how the core functions of the service could work with a MVP prototype.


We performed a competitive analysis and market research to understand the marketplace opportunities. We also conducted interviews to understand frequent travelers’ needs and decide on success metrics. I summarized our research in the four key points shown.

Business Model

We discovered an unmet need for busy, price-insensitive, business travelers. Travelers often have to settle for the nearest food when flying, and we found this market segment had the top four values (with an extra value for restaurants). We integrated these values throughout our designs.

I led the writing of a business plan and marketing materials.

Target segments: Travelers, Businesses, Restaurant Partners


We had to carefully prioritize features to be able to present an effective concept to our client in just 5 weeks of design and testing.

Our solution needed to be valuable for both customers and the startup while also working with airport entities including TSA and restaurants.

Value Added: Convenience, accessibility, reduced stress, first-class service, increased restaurant sales

User Flows

I directed our team to determine the MVP flow to test our concept, and split up the work in a way that enabled us to work together efficiently.

Wireframes I & II + Testing

I worked on designing the second part of the flow for the MVP. I created a style guide to create a consistent prototype with the other designer.

We decided to go with simple, monochromatic wireframes which enabled us to focus on validating the core concept.

We iterated and tested three times and solved concept problems by focusing on key features such as a flexible delivery time and real-time status updates.

Final Wireframes + Specifications

We used a wireframe prototype to validate with potential customers that Airpetite would provide value in the five key metrics determined in our research.

Key features include first-class service, a clear indication of order status, and customized profiles.