Responsive Design

Quick Facts

Role: UX designer, visual designer

My Tasks: Interaction design, visual layouts, prototyping, research, project planning

Timeframe: 10 weeks

Team: 5 designers, 1 product manager, development team


I was an intern for @WalmartLabs on the UX cart and checkout team. Over the summer I worked on several projects to make online checkout easier for each of’s millions of customers.


My intern team placed second out of nineteen teams in Walmart’s 2016 intern hackathon.

Intern project was implemented in several pilot stores at the end of the summer.

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  • Understand business objectives
  • Research & collaborate with researchers
  • Scenarios & reference personas
  • Workflow analysis
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Brainstorm
  • Test concepts
  • Iterate
  • Prototype in InVision
  • Collaborate with developers to implement

Web-to-Store Project

I designed a new feature make it easier for users to order items and to better connect the online and in-store experience. I worked with researchers, developers, and product managers to create a clear and consistant experience across devices and touchpoints.

For my main project, I delivered modified mockups and a workflow to fit within the page constraints within the tight developer timeline. I also presented several expanded concepts and visual designs for the future beyond the pilot stores.